Tips and Tricks on Nursing Baby with Other Siblings Around

Having a nursing baby with other children around is a challenge, as making sure older little ones stay out of trouble whilst feeding the baby can put your multitasking to the test, especially if you’re on your own! Here is some advice from the experts, as well as real mamas, on how to turn this into a successful situation for everyone involved!

For many mamas, having a nursing baby as well as older siblings together is a daily reality, and sometimes not the easiest situation! Trying to entertain big brothers and sisters whilst also having time with your baby breastfeeding can sometimes be a challenge, especially in those first few weeks. We wanted to pull together some advice from experts, as well as real mamas to help you navigate and ensure everyone makes the best of this situation!

Our breastfeeding expert says: “It’s a really exciting time for you all, and certainly a time of adjustment. You will be surprised how quickly little ones adjust and you may find that they will happily get on with other things while you’re nursing.”

Here are some top tips for entertaining older ones during those feeds:

  • First of all, ask for help and support! Ask your partner to entertain the little ones whilst you have time to connect with your baby. Although it might not be easy right now, enlist family and friends for help and support – having a supportive network is vital for successful breastfeeding.
  • Prepare a few easy meals in advance for evenings when your older child needs to be fed right at the time when baby is fussing! Having something you can chuck in the microwave that will keep big brother or sister happy whilst you feed the baby is a great idea.
  • Get older siblings involved! They can enjoy and be a great help with getting things ready for changing/bathing after feeding, for example getting a fresh nappy and onesie waiting!

We also our lovely Medela Mums community for their advice, and they (as always) had some fab suggestions!

  • Katie from Instagram: “I honestly tell my older kids to go upstairs and entertain themselves when I am feeding – with a book or some toys, they respect that baby needs mama.”

Nicole from Instagram: “Don’t feel guilty about letting them watch TV or have some tablet time – we all have those times when you just want to focus on baby and feeding them!”

  • Kayleigh from Instagram: “I created a ‘breastfeeding box’ for my older child – it has snacks and a few little toys and books. When I tell him that his baby brother needs feeding, he knows to go to his box and entertain himself for a little while.”
  • Emila from Instagram: “I bought my little one a baby doll that they feed whilst mama feeds little sister!

However you manage older siblings while also nursing a baby, keep going mama, you’re doing amazing <3

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