Nursing Baby with Older Siblings

This month’s Mother’s Question focuses on the multi-tasking which is essential for many breastfeeding mums who have other children. As always, our lovely in-house Lactation Consultant, Sioned has provided some expert advice but if you have tips you would like to share please do let us know over on our Facebook page.

Mum Laura asked “Any tips on nursing baby with a 20 month old running about?”

Sioned’s advice: “It is a really exciting time for you all and a time of adjustment. You will be surprised how quickly little ones adjust and they will happily get on with other things while you’re nursing but here are some top tips for the first few days and weeks:

  • You may find that some audio interactive books will be helpful so that little one can listen to the stories and turn the pages
  • Get little ones involved, they can really enjoy and be a great help with getting things ready for changing/bathing etc.
  • Using a baby sling can also be useful so that you can easily take a walk to the park and swings without worrying about a pram or pushchair
  • Don’t be afraid of using a DVD or iPad to keep little ones entertained on those rainy days or days when you’re feeling exhausted. We all have those days when sometimes you all just need a rest
  • Prepare a few easy meals in advance for evenings and if dad takes a packed lunch do a few more for you and toddler so that in the early weeks you can just take out of the fridge and eat on the go
  • Finally, do ask for help and support from family and friends, they will be more than happy to help and we know that having a supportive network is vital for successful breastfeeding.