The Best Nursing Wear

Throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding, you will notice changes in your body shape. A good quality, supportive and comfortable maternity and nursing bra is essential but also you will find that your whole wardrobe changes and searching for those staple mummy items that are not only stylish but comfortable too can be a challenge.

A couple of weeks ago we shared this interesting and helpful article on the best nursing wear.

Lots of our mums shared their own thoughts and top tips for what to wear while nursing and they were so useful, we thought we’d share them here on our blog to help all new mums prepare…
The Best Nursing Wear
  •  “Loose tops and vests are a must and a well fitting nursing bra”
    – Becky
  • “Nursing clothes are rubbish. Useless and expensive. I’ve always just worn a vest under a loose or stretchy top. Pull the top up and vest down. Easy and discreet”
    – Holly
  •  “Nursing vests and bras, then anything loose fitting over the top, a lift up one layer takedown the other. Keeps you covered and shows bear minimum of your breast area. Nursing clothes are not the most stylish and a lot come in plain colours which show leakages easily.”
    – Donna
  • “Nothing you need to iron. Everything is going to get puked on just when you're not expecting it. You need stuff that you can grab out of the dryer and wear straight away.”
    – Claire
  • “Nursing bra yes, nursing clothes rubbish! Loose tops and vests!”
    – Hannah
  • “Pashmina or a loose scarf helps keep covered and warm and doubles up as a blanket / wrap and even a baby carrier if long enough.”
    – Kate
  • “A good nursing bra is essential. However if you’re well blessed (36JJ) it may be harder to find something that doesn't cause "monoboob" and actually supports. Once feeding is established, and if you feel brave enough, it's totally possible to convert a jersey fabric underwired bra into a nursing one! (If you use underwire, make sure none of it presses breast tissue. Wire should lie flat against rib cage.) I do have some good nursing tops from H&M” 
    – Janice
  • “Comfy, stretchy and layers. Oo and scarves are brilliant!”
    – Kelly
  • “A big smile.. I always wore a vest top under a loose fitting jumper.. jumper came up and vest top came down.. nursing clothes were rubbish and never fit for purpose..”
    – Laura 

Would you like to share your top tip for nursing wear? What is your staple breastfeeding outfit for feeding out and about? Any favourite shops? Tell us on our Facebook page to help other mums prepare for their feeding journey.