Parenting Blogs: Medela Mum Update

It has been another insightful, moving and inspiring few months as we enjoy reading about the breastfeeding journeys of our lovely Medela Mum bloggers. There is no normal when it comes to breastfeeding but by sharing experiences through parenting blogs, we can encourage vital mum to mum support and learn from each other. Here are just a few posts you should take a look at:

Baby and mum

Siobhan from The Double Mama has shared how her Swing Maxi has helped to support her:
“To be totally honest I don’t know what I’d do without the pump. It has been a genuine lifesaver. As a busy mum of three, juggling running a business with raising children, there are times when I have to be away from my baby. The pump has allowed me to continue breastfeeding but with time off. It’s been totally liberating.”
Read the full post here.

Natalie author of Little Jam Pot Life has documented her fourth breastfeeding experience:
“You’d think that the more children you have the more chance of being an immediate PRO at it with no problems would be the case. In my case though it happened to be my first and fourth that I went through my most difficult times.  When I was experiencing engorgement, over supply, a cut open nipple from a bad latch and even the dreaded mastitis (multiple times), I always found that draining the milk as efficiently as possible is the only way in which you can soothe the pain, and hopefully prevent it if you get there soon enough.”
Read the full post here.

Kaye from Hello Archie Blue has written an honest account of her breastfeeding journey:
“One of the main reasons I stopped breastfeeding with Archie was because I felt overwhelmed at not getting a break. Don't get me wrong, I didn't exactly want to leave him, but knowing I couldn'twas tough. It's something I've struggled with just as much this time; yes, breastfeeding is tough, but the benefits are so worth the handful of times in the past 10 weeks I've felt I couldn't carry on (but known deep-down there was no way I was going to quit).”
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Finally, we’re so excited to introduce our new Medela Dad bloggers who have joined the team to share their take on breastfeeding, experiences, advice and tips on supporting your partner. Welcome on board You The Daddy and The London Dad!

Are you expecting a baby in 2017? We’re looking for parenting bloggers to join our community of Medela Mums and Dads. If you’re interested, please email our PR team on