Parenting truths from siblings

Only something a sibling would say….

As it is National Siblings Day this month, we thought it was only right to shed some light on some parenting truths from some sibling mummas! We sat down with Lucy (30), Anna (34) and Alex (33) – 3 sisters from London – to find out more…

Girls, what are your top tips for any new mums out there?

Anna: Being a mum of 3 who has breastfed throughout, I would say expect cracked nipples! Nipple cream was an absolute lifesaver, I applied it after every feed!

Alex: Mine would have to be do your pelvic floor. Having given birth twice, running can now bring about some interesting results….

Lucy: Haha – yes to both pelvic floor and cracked nipples, but I would have to say always wear breast pads to avoid any embarrassing leakages!


What do you think would be your one piece of parenting advice to expectant mothers?

Lucy: I heard an amazing quote the other day ’20 things that women should stop wearing after they have had a baby. 1 – 20 = the expectations of other people’s expectations and judgements.’ I couldn’t agree more!

Alex: When things are tough just remember ‘this too shall pass’. Sleeping, eating and any other worries about your child will constantly change, so try not to dwell on them!

Anna: Sleep when you can! Easier said than done, but honestly, the washing and dishes can wait – so sleep if you get the chance.

Thanks ladies!