My First Mother’s Day – The Medela Mums Community Share Their Mother’s Day Wish

It’s no secret that this year has been anything but ‘normal’, so we wanted to ask all of the lovely mamas who will be celebrating their first Mother’s Day this year to dream big – if you could have a wish granted for this Sunday, what would it be?! COVID-19 restrictions aside, whether it’s a spa day with friends, breakfast in bed or a cute handmade card, the day is yours mama!

We reached out on our Instagram stories to start the conversation about who will be celebrating their first Mother’s Day as a mother themselves this year, and we were so overwhelmed with the response! 

To get through a pandemic as a new parent is such a huge achievement, you should be celebrated! It might be more of a chilled one this year, maybe starting with breakfast in bed then going for a family walk, we believe you mamas should truly get treated like the heroes you are. 

So this Mother’s Day (14th March), to celebrate this milestone in quite an unconventional year, we want you to dream big – if you could have anything for a day, what would it be?! If you could be whisked away or have one wish granted for the day, how would you celebrate?


We asked our Instagram community and here are some of our favourite ideas… 


Tasha from Instagram (and many others!) – “I’d wish for a full night of sleep!” We hear you mama! You can read some tips from real mums on getting your little one to sleep here.


Sab from Instagram – “Travel to see my family and introduce our little one to our loved ones” – how we wish we could all do this! There’s some advice on what to pack for baby’s first holiday (once we’re allowed!) here. 


Sophie from Instagram – “I wish I could have a lovely lunch out with my partner and 6-month old!” Hopefully your favourite place does takeaway Sophie!


Val from Instagram – “A meal out at Amazonico and a night out in Mayfair” …a night out! The stuff of dreams!


Miranda – “A spa day or Chanel bag!” Chanel deliveries sure are a step up on our normal Amazon packages!


Vicki – “A massage – after breastfeeding and rocking baby to sleep, my back is wrecked!”


Sydney – “A new book, some chocolate and a pedicure!”


Leanne from Instagram – “Spa day with the girls, followed by cocktails and dinner!” – How amazing does this sound! 


Amy from Instagram – “Bath that lasts more than 5 mins as baby always needs feeding!” Ahh a hot bath would be bliss!


Rebekka – “A fancy breakfast with my baby and his daddy!”


However you choose to celebrate, from all of us here at Medela, we hope you have a very Happy Mother’s Day! Don’t forget to join our #milkinthemoment initiative and make sure you put aside some time for you this Mother’s Day and beyond! It’s so important to still make time for self-care as a busy new parent, so be sure to put your feet up, let your other half bring you a hot drink and have some down time – you deserve it mama! 


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