Popular Baby Names 2016

Whether you are expecting, planning or just checking how popular your little one’s name is, we are here to help! Here is a list of the most popular new baby names of 2016.

Popular Baby Names in 2016 in UK

This year Ezra has taken the top spot for boys and Olivia has overtaken Charlotte as the most popular girl’s name! Is your little one’s name in the list?

Girls:                                       Boys:

1. Olivia                                  1. Ezra

2. Amelia                                2. Asher

3. Charlotte                            3. Atticus

4. Ava                                     4. Declan

5. Isla                                      5. Oliver

6. Arabella                              6. Milo

7. Aurora                                7. Silas

8. Adeline                               8. Levi

9. Isabella                              9.Wyatt

10. Mia                                   10. Henry

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Team Medela x