Fashionable and Comfortable Pregnancy Shoes

When you are pregnant comfort is king – and having the right shoes, especially as you get further into your pregnancy will be key. Here at Medela we have put our thinking caps on and done some research to find some pregnancy shoes that will keep your, potentially growing feet, comfy!
Pregnancy shoes

The Guidelines

Easy to put on:
Complicated laces and buckles are no good when you can’t reach your feet! Slip on shoes are ideal.

Comfortable on swollen feet:
This common pregnancy symptom might mean that you need you wear shoes a little wider than you usually would.

Supportive Sole:
The arches of your feet need to be supported to prevent them from flattening with the extra weight put on them. This is important because flat feet can cause bad posture as well as back and joint pain.

So bearing in mind our three top tips we have the following suggestions for this Spring/Summer…


  1. Havaiana flip flops have a famously soft sole and their Charlotte Olympia collaboration is seriously cool.
  2. The Hawai Mobils are a truly ergonomic pair of trainers that will offer great support… And that zip will come in handy when you’re struggling to get down to your laces!
  3. Any Birkenstocks are the ideal shoe for a pregnant lady because they give the arches of the feet such brilliant support and you can adjust the straps on a puffy feet day! These sheepskin ones are just fab.
  4. Maternity-wear specialists Seraphine have a great range of footwear beautifully designed for pregnant ladies.