Prepare with Medela at The Pregnancy Hour

This year sees the launch of The Pregnancy Hour, yet another exciting project we are working on to support breastfeeding families in the UK. The monthly session is a new service dedicated to Mums’s-to-be to help prepare them for breastfeeding.
Hands in shape of a heart on a pregnant tummy
Join the Pregnancy Hour in the Medela Drop In Clinic

Here at Medela we are committed to supporting breastfeeding mothers to feed for as long as they choose.  We are proud of the truly unique platforms we have created on social media delivering a weekly drop in clinic and monthly breastfeeding café with their lactation consultant and now, new for 2015 is The Pregnancy Hour.

The Pregnancy Hour is an opportunity for mums-to-be to ask the questions playing on their mind as they prepare for the arrival of their baby. Whether you already know if they wish to breastfeed, or are still deciding, mums-to-be are welcome to join the live event on the second Tuesday of every month between 1 – 2pm

Whatever the question Medela’s Lactation Consultant, Sioned Hilton is on hand to help. Mum’s-to-be may wonder when their milk will come in, will their breasts get bigger after birth, will breastfeeding hurt, what are the benefits of breastfeeding or will it really help them lose baby weight?? Also, what products do they need to help with the first days of feeding, how much should they expect to feed in the first few days, what if baby doesn’t latch on, what if with baby number 1 it didn’t work, should they still try?

Every woman will have her own query and everyone joining The Pregnancy Hour will be given a personal answer to their question.

What will your question be?