The Benefits of Double Pumping: Which Is The Best Double Pump for You?

Many mums choosen to express milk at some point during their breastfeeding experience, and for those wanting as much milk as possible in as less time as possible, choosing the best double pump is vital! From the hospital grade Symphony, through to the everyday Swing Maxi Flex, our range of double pumps are here to help!

Learning to breastfeed can be a really special time for mother and baby, it’s a brilliant way to nurture the bond, and mums can be safe in the knowledge that baby is getting everything they need from her milk. Breastfeeding isn’t all fun and cuddles though, it can be exhausting and really hard work! 

Many mums choose to express milk at some point during their breastfeeding experience, whether it’s so their partner can join in the feeding experience, to build a freezer supply or so their breast milk is on hand for any events away from baby. However, without a good breastpump, expressing milk can be time consuming and we are are only too aware that one thing mums are short on is time!

Benefits of double pumping

When a mum expresses milk using a single breastpump she has an average of 3 let down reflexes (this is what releases the milk!) however when expressing from both breasts (double pumping) at the same time women have an extra sixth let-down from each breast, which means even more milk!1 

This research by Dr Danielle Prime has shown double pumping produces an average of 18% more milk. Even better, the milk produced when double pumping rather than single pumping actually has a higher energy content making it even better for baby, giving them more energy for growth and development. Other benefits include effective breast drainage ensuring she establishes and maintains a good milk supply and undoubtedly supports with long term breastfeeding. 

So which double breast pump is best for me?

Swing Maxi Flex

Whether you’re aiming to maintain your supply, need help coping with issues affecting your breastfeeding or simply want less time pumping, the Swing Maxi Flex could be the answer! Research has shown milk mums expressed during double pumping had higher fat content than when they were single pumping each breast in turn. The Swing Maxi Flex is still super portable and easy to use, and if you’re pumping more frequently, a double pump would be much more effective in your routine, helping you produce more liquid gold in less time! Ideal for those pumping more frequently, the Swing Maxi Flex is a must have for busy mamas!

Freestyle Flex

Whether you’re a mum of multiples, exclusively expressing, or just want the flexibility to express wherever and whenever you like without compromising on pumping performance, the Freestyle Flex is designed to fit perfectly into your busy life. It’s compact yet lightweight design benefits from a USB chargeable battery and can provide up to 2 hours pumping on a single full charge! The Freestyle Flex cleverly connects to the MyMedela app to seamlessly support every mother’s expressing journey – automatically recording the time and duration of each session so that mums can easily track their pumping patterns! Easy to carry wherever you go, the Freestyle Flex promises breastfeeding mums the ultimate in comfort, support and technology! 


The hospital-grade Symphony has been designed with technical features and accessories specifically based on clinical research, and is available to rent directing from our website. Feauturing our signature 2-Phase Expression technology, as well as overflow protection and . Mums who have babies in the NICU may well use the Symphony whilst they’re away from their little one, and then choose to continue renting when they return home. If you’re planning on breastfeeding multiples, the Symphony’s efficient and comfortable pumping provides everything you could need to get as much milk as possible, in a short time.

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