Public Breastfeeding – Mums’ Tips

Breastfeeding in public seems to be a popular topic in the media and although largely positive, the constant chatter about nursing while out and about can make some mums feel even more apprehensive about venturing out. Breastfeeding is completely natural and there is absolutely no reason to feel worried or feel the need to cover up while out and about.

However, that said, as with every aspect of parenting, there is always going to be tips, tricks and parenting hacks we can learn from each other to make life that little bit easier. On our Facebook page, we recently asked our community of mums for their top tips on feeding out and about. Here are our Top 10:
Public Breastfeeding – Mums’ Tips
  1. “Try not to sit too close to others! I always had to move my chair as my son would come off mid-feed to be nosey and see what was going on and then I'd end up leaking with milk squirting everywhere, including them and all the furniture!”
    Vicky Childs
  2. “Know that you have every right to feed out and about, if someone else is uncomfortable that is their problem, you have no need to be uncomfortable; you are feeding your baby which is great!”
    Victoria Billington
  3. “Just worry about your baby, nothing else!”
    Myriam Perez Garcia
  4. “My best advice is don't think everyone is staring, most people are just cracking on with life, same as you. If you're anxious, baby will pick up on it and not feed so well, so make sure you're wearing something you're comfy to feed in and concentrate on your baby. No one else matters.”
    Michelle Marr
  5. “Find a nice comfy chair somewhere you feel comfortable and feed away. Always have cake on hand!”
    Rachel Pope
  6. “My best advice is to embrace breastfeeding and to not worry what anyone thinks. Your baby needs food just like everyone else. A good feeding bra is handy to just unclip whenever and wherever you are.”
    Laura Waring
  7. “My best advice is to be confident and relaxed.”
    Carly Callaghan
  8. “I think it's important to feel comfy and there are some great nursing clothes out there. Even managed to find a really comfy dress suitable for a wedding!!! Also muslins, plenty of muslins”
    Helen Bleasdale