Pump and Tell: New Mum Kelly Reviews the Freestyle Flex

For the first in our series of Pump and Tell Reviews, new mum to twins Kelly reviews our Freestyle Flex, which has helped her maintain the volume of milk she needs to feed her little ones, build up a stash for her freezer, and also pump on the go!

My breastfeeding journey started with a bit of a shock as my gorgeous twin boys arrived 8 weeks early and went straight into the NICU. Due to COVID-19 I hadn’t been able to attend any antenatal classes and didn’t even know it was possible to breastfeed twins! At the time, I didn’t even know breast pumps existed, and hadn’t heard of the name Medela!

While the boys were in hospital, I used a Medela Symphony pump, which was brilliant but quite big, and it had to be plugged in so I wasn’t able to be very mobile. However, using it meant I was able to express and make sure my premature boys got my milk – something I didn’t think possible.

As it got nearer to the boys coming home, I panicked as I realised I would be on my own, so had to buy myself a pump in order to keep giving the boys my milk. Around this time, I also entered the Pump and Tell review opportunity I saw on Medela’s Instagram to review the Freestyle Flex – never expecting to win!

A couple of weeks later I got the most amazing news – I was going to get to review the Freestyle Flex! I was struggling to keep up my volume with the pump I had bought, and so felt I would be able to review the Freestyle Flex fully and honestly, as I was and still am exclusively expressing for my boys.

The box arrived, and I was so impressed with how small and neat the pump was. The Flex breast shields looked and felt so soft ( a welcome relief from the pump I was using!). I charged the pump up for the 2 hours it needed (amazing!) and was ready to go.

I was nervous during my first pump – would I get enough milk? The Flex breast shields felt amazing against my skin and I was surprised at how powerful this little pump was. I tried not to look as I expressed for my normal 20 mins. In a normal afternoon pump I would get 30mls from each breast, however I was shocked when I finished expressing – I had 50mls each side!

From then on, every time I used the pump my volume went up, and all of a sudden, I went from relying on my freezer stash to managing to restock it – something I didn’t think was possible. I had been worrying about how long I would be able to continue feeding my boys, and the cost of formula, but thanks to the Freestyle Flex I had gone from expressing 700mls a day to over 1000mls.

The pump is so compact, and the parts that go with it fit in the supplied bag. The pump’s charge lasts for 8 full pumps and using the app means you know exactly how much charge you have left. The only thing that I would say this pump could improve would be to have some sort of cover over the front of the pump, as it is sensitive to touch and has switched itself on a few times! However, this is me being picky as this pump really has changed my life.

I am now 4 months into breastfeeding, something I didn’t think was possible and I’m pretty sure if it wasn’t for this pump, I wouldn’t still be feeding my boys my milk. Thank you Medela.

Thanks so much to Kelly for sharing her fabulous review of the Freestyle Flex. For your chance to review one of our pumps, look for the #pumpandtell posts on our Facebook and Instagram.