Pump and Tell | New Mum Eve Reviews the Swing Flex

For the next in our series of Pump and Tell Reviews, new mum Eve reviews our Swing Flex, which has helped her maintain her supply, and pump for her 8 month old daughter quickly and easily, and will eventually allow her to continue expressing once she returns to her nursing job!

My daughter made a smooth, quick and grand entrance into the world on International Women’s Day 2020. Unfortunately, the umbilical cord snapped, and after only a few moments together she was whisked off to SCBU (Special Care Baby Unit) to receive blood to replace what she had lost from her cord.

I didn’t get to hold my baby girl until the next day, and so I missed that important skin-to-skin time and my first chance at breastfeeding. I feared my intended breastfeeding journey was over before it begun. The SCBU staff wouldn’t allow her home until breastfeeding was ‘established’ so I used the hospital’s pump to increase my supply. I was so excited to see milk coming out, but it took forever to produce even a tiny amount, so I felt deflated and basically wrote off pumping altogether and went back to hand expressing.


Luckily, we have a clever daughter (& greedy like her Mumma!) who latched on well despite being drowsy AND tongue tied. We were allowed home a few days later. 

Then BOOM; National lockdown 1.0. My husband is an NHS Keyworker and visitors were prohibited so it was just her and I. Demand feeding and hourly night feeds to regulate my milk supply meant I was exhausted and alone. I faced oversupply complications, night sweats, milk blebs and excruciating thrush but I kept going because I was determined to breastfeed for at least 12 months. 

The only "break" I got was running to the shops between feeds and panicking the 1oz letdown milk I had caught with a silicone pump wouldn’t be enough if I didn't hurry back. Sometimes it felt more like hassle than a break so when lockdown started to ease, I knew I needed to try pumping again and aimed to do something other than being Mum.

I had clicked Medela’s follow button as soon as I found out I was pregnant and planned to purchase a pump once I knew I was luckily enough to be able to do so.

I was SO excited to be chosen for Pump and Tell and eagerly awaited the pump’s arrival. Ta-Da, in comes the snazzy Swing Flex

My life has been changed.

No more manually squeezing out my milk. Gone were my worries that I would be unable to express enough milk to have a well-deserved break. Oh, and thankfully no more spilt milk as there is a cute little bottle holder included. It is also easy to clean and compact enough to store easily, which is brilliant when you've got a house full of baby items and endless amounts of toys!

I have yet to use it on battery mode (Hello Lockdown 2.0) but love that I have that option. It will be great for when I return to my nursing job as I can express wherever I need to without any added stress. It isn't overly noisy either so hopefully I won't have people wondering what I'm up to!

I love how quickly it all clicks together and there are absolutely no tricks with setting it up - even my 8-month-old daughter had a go!

The Swing Flex expression rate is super-efficient too. I had 5oz in 5 minutes! Once I’d remembered to turn the suction rate up that is – newbie error. It hands down beats my silicone pump which barely catches 2oz on a good session. The only negative is having to hold the pump on as I'm used to sticking the silicone one on and being handsfree... BUT it's so quick that does it really matter?

All in all, I am very impressed with the Swing Flex and proud to call myself a Medela Mama. I felt like pumping wasn't for me, but Medela proved me wrong. I love the ease of the Swing Flex and I think you will too!

Thanks so much to Eve for sharing her fabulous review of the Swing Flex. For your chance to review one of our pumps, look for the #pumpandtell posts on our Facebook and Instagram.