Pumping at Work – real mum’s stories

Being able to make your own choices about feeding your baby when you are returning to work is something that we feel passionately about here at Medela. We spoke to 4 fab mums on how pumping at work supports their breastfeeding journey.

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We know that going back to work after having a baby can be daunting for anyone and we understand working around your breastfeeding routine can make things a little tricky sometimes. However, pumping can support you to have a flexible routine whilst still providing your liquid gold for little one!

We asked our wonderful mum community to share their stories of pumping at work, and were overwhelmed with the responses. We were so inspired that we decided to share four amazing stories below – enjoy!

Lee Wanless – “Work gave me my own private pumping room!”

“I was initially really apprehensive about needing to express when returning to work after maternity leave, but I needn’t have worried! My company have been super supportive and let me have use of a private lockable room to pump in, so I have no fear of being disturbed! I pump in my lunch hour which has really helped me maintain my supply so when I go home, I am still able to have the wonderful connection of breastfeeding my little girl”

Mum Lee Wanless - blog pumping at work

Hannah Kurz – “Being a midwife makes expressing easy!”

“I took a full year of maternity leave, but my daughter still breastfeeds frequently now at 15 months. On my two days a week at work, I pump once a day to keep me comfortable and maintain my supply. I actually pump and dump, as I’ve found that my daughter only likes to drink milk from me! I don’t totally blame her, as I tasted my milk just 30 mins after pumping, and it already had that ‘soapy’ taste. I’m a midwife, so I just pop to one of our dedicated pumping rooms, which are equipped with Medela pumps, and express from there.”

Katherine – “Working for the Air Ambulance means I could even pump in the sky”

“Using the Medela Swing Breast Pump when I had my daughter meant I could maintain my supply when I returned to work, and I could leave my milk at home for my husband to give my little girl while I was at work. I work 12 hour shifts and my supply would’ve really dwindled if I hadn’t pumped. I loved that even though I wasn’t with my daughter physically, she was still getting the nutritional benefits and protection against infections from my milk.”

Mum Katherine - blog puming at work

Llinos Adams – “I fit pumping in around my workday!”

“I have been back in work since March and my little one is now a year old. I fit my pumping in with my 13 hour shifts, as I pump for half an hour three times a day, at 8:30am, 12:30pm and 4:30pm! It was very hard in the beginning trying to juggle my time, but the staff and my boss have been very accommodating! I keep my pump and bottles at work and then breastfeed my little one on my days off which works really well for us!”

Llinos Adams - Blog pumping at work

We’ve loved hearing about how Medela has helped with returning to work , and if you’d like to share your pumping stories with us, we’d love to hear them over on our Facebook and Instagram.