PureLan – The Soothing Breast Cream for Nursing Mothers

A common problem suffered by many mums whilst breastfeeding is experiencing tenderness, pain or discomfort due to dry or sore nipples. Medela’s moisturising PureLan, the breast cream for nursing mothers, has been designed to gently soothe and rehydrate the skin, ensuring mums can continue to breastfeed comfortably.

Purelan 37g and 7g nipple cream

We all understand the many wonders of breastfeeding, the bond it creates between mother and baby as well as providing your little one with so much goodness, however, it can come with its challenges.  Medela’s  PureLan, the breast cream for nursing mothers, made from 100% pure lanolin (otherwise known as wool wax) works to help mothers who are suffering with dry and cracked nipples.


PureLan contains no artificial additives or preservatives so is completely safe for little ones and can conveniently be left on while feeding. It is even great for all matters of dry skin, including dry patches, noses and lips. In fact, Channel 4’s Kirstie Allsopp is a big fan of PureLan and has famously used it as a lip balm!


Medela’s lactation consultant, Sioned, is delighted to share her top tips on essential breast care using PureLan cream to help support and soothe every mother’s breastfeeding journey:


Tip 1: If your nipples start to feel tender make sure your baby is latched on well with a big, wide mouth so that the nipple is positioned correctly in your baby’s mouth. If you are not sure contact your midwife or breastfeeding support group.


Tip 2: In the early days while establishing your baby’s latch, alongside a little expressed milk use PureLan before and after every feed to moisturise your nipples as they get used to feeding. You only need a little as it goes a long way. 


Tip 3: If you are experiencing milk leakage – make sure you are changing your bra pads with every feed, as they collect milk and can be a lovely opportunity for bacteria to thrive in damp warm conditions leading to sore nipples.


Tip 4: If you have a crack that won’t heal, continue applying PureLan after each feed as it supports moist wound healing. If the problem continues, seek advice from your breastfeeding adviser and GP as rarely, a persistent cracked nipple can indicate an underlying problem.


Tip 5: Once you have finished breastfeeding you can use PureLan on your baby’s skin as it contains no chemicals!


Medela’s in-house lactation consultant, Sioned Hilton, commented “Breast care is an essential part of breastfeeding as sore and cracked nipples can be a common problem and it is important to minimise this discomfort where possible. PureLan is a soothing and moisturising cream that will help to both heal and prevent sore nipples, making breastfeeding that little easier. I hope that my top tips on the use of PureLan help to support breastfeeding mums and highlight the importance of breast care from early on.”