Breastfeeding Snacks you can serve at your Big Breastfeeding Café!

Looking for some sweet treats to serve at your Big Breastfeeding Café? These recipes would be perfect for mums who attend to have something sweet to nibble on while they natter! We’ve pulled together recipes that are not only delicious but also contain key ingredients to provide breastfeeding mums lots of nutrition. Why not try out the delicious lactation biscuits, sure to be a hit with everyone, breastfeeding or not!

Selection of 4 recipes for Breastfeeding Cafe 2019

With the Big Breastfeeding Café approaching, it’s time to start planning the all-important treats for your event! Of course, our host kits will provide you with tea and biscuits for your café but a homemade batch of cakes or cookies would always be a welcome addition! We’ve pulled together delicious recipes that would make the perfect breastfeeding snacks to take along to a Big Breastfeeding Café or even to make yourself if you are hosting! We all know that maintaining a healthy balanced diet is important when breastfeeding but a treat or two is a must! Including key ingredients for breastfeeding mums could even help to boost/maintain milk supply- what a bonus!

Lactation Chocolate Chip Cookies

Lactation Chocolate Chip Cookies

These delicious chocolate and oaty cookies contain brewer’s yeast, which is said to help milk production in breastfeeding mums. They’re sure to go down a treat at your Big Breastfeeding Café!

Cheese and broccoli muffins

Fancy a more savoury snack to nibble while you natter? These cheese and broccoli muffins are perfect to make in advance and bring along to your café!

Apple muffins

Apples are healthy, so therefore you can eat lots of these muffins, right? These would make a fantastic addition to any Big Breastfeeding Café!

Wholemeal spinach, feta and potato pies

These tempting spinach and feta parcels are delicious served cold and would make the perfect savoury snack to take along to a Big Breastfeeding Café!

Vegan flapjacks

If you’re looking to cater for vegan breastfeeding mums at your Big Breastfeeding Café, these flapjacks would be the perfect treat to offer them!