Medela’s Symphony Hits the Right Note for Mums

As shown in a study conducted by Dr Jacqueline Kent, every breastfeeding journey is unique and no two experiences are the same. Some mums give birth prematurely, others are unable to breastfeed right away due to complications, others can experience difficulty with latching on and so on. It therefore stands to reason that every mum will need different levels of support throughout their feeding journey. From breastfeeding only and combining breast with bottle, through to expressing exclusively - we have a breastpump to suit every feeding journey.

In today’s blog post we are going to focus on our Symphony Double Electric Breastpump which has proved invaluable to mums of multiples, premature babies, those returning to work and mums who wish to donate to milk banks.

Similar to all Medela breastpumps the Symphony provides the upmost support thanks to our exclusive 2-Phase Expression Technology, which mimics how a baby feeds at the breast. From our own research we discovered that babies feed in two ways, starting with fast and light sucks to stimulate milk flow and then moving on to deeper, longer sucks. Working in the same way means the Symphony is super-efficient and exactly what mums will be used to from feeding at the breast.

There are several benefits to double pumping rather than pumping from one breast at a time. Double breast pumping is twice as fast and helps to increase and sustain milk supply, producing an average of 18% more milk. In addition to this, pumping from both breasts at the same time provides breastmilk with a higher energy content.

Ideal for mums who are experiencing high demand and expressing exclusively, this hospital grade pump is available to rent from as little as £1.50 a day, making it not only cost-effective but thanks to its super efficiency it helps to give mums back some precious time too!

If you would like to find out more about the Symphony, visit our website to rent a hospital electric breastpump, or alternatively give us a call at Customer Services on 0161 776 0400. We would love to help!

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