Say Thanks with Medela! Support Breastfeeding by Nominating Your Biggest Help

Every month we send a special gift to a local breastfeeding champion, nominated by you on our Facebook page. In this post, we look back at 4 mums breastfeeding stories and who they chose to nominate. Whether it’s a family member, midwife or just a good friend, we love saying a big thank you for breastfeeding support – we think they deserve a treat!

We love recognising friends and family who are passionate about supporting breastfeeding mums. Saying a big thank you to those who are always there at the end of the phone after a challenging day is so important to us at Medela. Our ‘Say Thanks with Medela’ competition is designed to reward one of these breastfeeding champions every month with a special treat!

Whether it is a local lactation consultant, a midwife, GP, friend, family member or partner – we’d love to hear your stories of how they supported you and why they deserve to be recognised! 4 lovely mums have shared their nominations with us below, so why not do the same over on our Facebook page?

Laura-Jane nominated her friend Katie – “Katie was so incredibly helpful to me when I began my breastfeeding journey, with little tips, sympathy and support, she shared her journey with me too! She definitely deserves a treat!”

Anna wanted to say a big thank you to her friend, Shel, chairwoman of Nursing Matters UK – “Shel is an absolute wonder woman and great family champion. She guided, supported and, most importantly, listened to me through all the struggles of 3 tongue tie divisions, breast aversion and eventually, exclusive expressing for 15 months. Whilst I don’t think there’s much this incredible human doesn’t know about infant feeding, at no point did she patronise me, as some other people did. Put simply, she’s simply the best human I have met to date.”

Rebecca nominated her friend Kelly, to receive a treat from Medela – “ As well as having her own busy life with work and her 2 children, Kelly always found the time to answer my questions and give me advice with my breastfeeding journey. There were so many things I didn’t understand, and still wouldn’t if it hadn’t been for her. Each time I felt near to giving up breastfeeding, she helped me through and thanks to her we reached 15 months of breastfeeding, which was a massive achievement for me. She is so knowledgeable, kind and always happy to help – I am forever grateful!

Amy nominated Sarah, who ran her NCT group in Huddersfield – “I had an awful birth experience and a rubbish few days in hospital where I had to prove I was getting on okay with breastfeeding before going home. During this time Sarah was on the other end of the phone to listen to every bit of my journey, and since coming out of hospital, she has continued that support, helping me to continue breastfeeding my daughter. 7 months later, I am still breastfeeding, and I couldn’t have done it without her!

What wonderful stories! We are passionate about supporting mothers throughout their breastfeeding journey and love rewarding those who can help to make the journey that little bit easier!

 If you’d like to nominate someone you know, head over to our Facebook page and look out for our monthly ‘Nominate your local breastfeeding champion’ posts!