September’s here! 20 Best Autumnal Names for Your Newborn!

September means only one thing, the start of autumn! This stunning time of year inspires many beautiful baby names and we thought they would be great inspiration for any parents expecting a precious bundle of joy this September!

With the leaves changing colour and the days getting shorter, if you’re due a newborn this Autumn, why not use the changing of the seasons for baby name inspiration?

We’ve put together our top 10 favourite autumnal themed names for both girls and boys, from old-fashioned and traditional to something modern and quirky, you’re sure to find a name to fit your September baby!

  1. Autumn  - this name speaks for itself. Derived from the Latin word autumnnus, meaning ‘fall’ or ‘autumn’. This name has ranked among the top 100 names for girls in the US for the past 10 years.
  2. Bramble – From the Old English bremel, this name is super cute to use for babies born during blackberry picking season!
  3. Hazel – Popular with celebrities such as Emily Blunt and Julia Roberts, Hazel evokes feelings of warmth and cosy days spent in front of the fire.
  4. Olive – The fruits of the olive tree turn red during autumn-time, so what better name for your precious baby girl born this season?
  5. Maple – Another name inspired by nature, the leaves of the maple tree turn reddish-orange in autumn.
  6. Aster – September’s Flower of the Month, this name comes from the Greek word for ‘star’.
  7. Sienna – From the Italian city of Siena, this name also comes from the colour, which is an earthy shade of orange-brown. Perfect for the changing leaves!
  8. Sapphire – the birthstone of people born in September, Sapphire is derived from the Hebrew meaning gem.
  9. Willow – another nature themed name, Willow is taken from willow trees, which are known for their graceful and delicate limbs.
  10. Sorrel – the meaning of this French name is ‘reddish brown’ – matching the colours of the changing of the seasons!
Boys Names
  1. Hunter – Hunter is an English name, meaning ‘pursuer’. This name evokes feelings of woodland and trees– perfect for Autumn!
  2. Forrest – This name makes you think of a lovely autumnal setting – it also means ‘dweller amongst the woods”!
  3. Oakley – this strong name means ‘wood clearing’, and your little boy is sure to do great things with this name!
  4. Aki – this unusual name means ‘autumn’ in Japanese – perfect if you’re looking for something a little quirky!
  5. Cedar – The leaves of the cedar tree turn a gorgeous colour in the autumn and this super cute name could perfectly suit your autumnal boy!
  6. Rowan – this Scottish name means ‘little redheads’, and could be perfect for your little redhead born this September.
  7. Asher – Hebrew for ‘happy’, this super cute name is becoming more popular, but is still a nice unsual choice for a boy.
  8. Bruno – Literally meaning ‘brown’, this name matches the changing of the seasons and would make a great match for autumnal boys.
  9. Woody – no not Toy Story, this name means ‘row of houses by wood’. This could be a super-cute moniker for a boy born in September.
  10. Rory – Rory means ‘red king’ and ranks in the top 100 baby boy names in England and Wales consistently.

How did you choose your baby’s name? We’d love to hear more about your name suggestions for babies born in September and your naming stories– share with us on Facebook and Instagram here.