September’s Breastfeeding Café 2015

Yesterday we held our monthly Breastfeeding Café and as always, our lovely Medela Mums had some great questions for our lactation consultant, Sioned. Topics covered include cutting out early morning feeds, how to deal with blocked ducts and weaning your baby after exclusive breastfeeding. As always, Sioned was on hand to offer her pearls of wisdom and some comfort to these mums who are giving their babies the wonderful gift of breastmilk!
September’s Breastfeeding Café 2015

Question 1

Question: My baby is 9 months next week. I am going back to work next week also. I am keen to cut the 5am feed out which is the only feed I do at night then he wakes at 6.30am. Is there any advice on how to do this?

Answer: Hi, this is a tough feed as it is the first feed of the day for him whilst for you it could mean a disturbed sleep and an extra snooze until you need to start the day.

It may be that you can look at a dream feed later the night before and see if this changes anything. Your usual feeding pattern is going to change when you go back to work and you may find that he sleeps more or less, wakes with central heating boiler booting up so see how you go.

Maybe a few early nights in the week can help you manage the early start whilst you all adjust
Sorry no real solutions but look after yourself and be flexible.

Sioned x

Question 2

Question: Best ways to get rid of a plugged duct? My little one is 6 months old now and still exclusively bf.. I got plugged ducts frequently in the early days but this one is being on the difficult side and super painful :((

Answer:  Hi, massage always towards the nipple, you could try combing with a wide toothed comb too. It’s probably a kink at the ductal junction and if you know you are more prone you may find gentle hand expression useful after you finish off the feed just to minimise the blocked duct.

Or if you wish pumping. It may suit you to feed more frequently or try and feed first with this breast to help with a good suck and flow.

Sioned x

Question 3

Question: My baby is coming up to 5 months and exclusive bf. I’ve never expressed so he’s never had a bottle. I’m starting weaning next month. When and how do I express and can I just go to beakers? Thank you

Answer: Hi, it may or may not be successful for your first few tries as your baby has conditioned your milk ejection reflex. Try when you are feeding your little one to help overcome this and keep on trying a few times.

Don’t expect huge volumes – it’s normal to get 1-3 oz from both breasts and as I say first few tries you may not get much but you know that your baby feeds well from you – it’s just the way the mechanics of a breastpump influence your milk flow not the volume of milk you make.

You can go straight to a beaker or try the Calma feeding device to support your baby to use a similar suck to Breastfeeding. Find a time that suits you when you are relaxed about an hour after you feed if you want to try without baby

Hope this helps, Sioned x