5 ways to make starting school easier

After a summer of fun and frolics with your little one, the thought of them starting school for the first time might be a daunting concept – for both them and you! It is one that every parent worries about – will they fit in? What will they achieve? What will their friends be like? But perhaps most importantly, will they be happy?


So, here we give you a rundown of one mum’s top 5 tips to help make that transition a little bit easier…

  1. Prepare them for being little independent learners by encouraging them to be able to dress by themselves, making sure they are potty trained and being able to recognise their own name.


  1. Read them books! This will not only improve their concentration in preparation for a more structured approach to learning, but you can also incorporate books such as ‘Starting School’, which will get them used to the idea of this new adventure!


  1. Attend settling in sessions to get your little one used to the school. Even a quick drive by or visit will put them at ease - as familiarity is always comforting! Simple actions such as commenting on how fun the playground looks and how big the new football pitch is will also put their mind at ease!


  1. Get to know the class teacher. Use the home visit to understand the activities your child will undertake in class in order to prepare them as best you can. It is also a great way to get your child used to their teacher.


  1. Relax! No matter how you might be feeling under the surface, make sure you stay positive and put your own anxieties aside. Relay happy memories and your child is sure to go feeling more confident.