The Symphony Breast Pump | Real Mums Share Their Experiences

When it comes to supporting expressing mamas from the very start, nothing beats the Symphony breast pump. Used in 75% of UK hospitals, whether you are feeding multiples, premature babies or exclusively expressing, the Symphony allows mamas to start their breastfeeding journey off on a good note!

We’re so proud that the Symphony, Medela’s most powerful and efficient double electric breast pump, has supported thousands of women worldwide with their expressing journeys. Available to rent for as little as £1.50 a day, whether you are feeding multiples, premature babies, returning to work early or exclusively expressing, the Symphony ensures you can get maximum milk in the least time possible!

With its technical features and accessories based directly on clinical research, the Symphony is designed to help every mama’s individual needs throughout their breastfeeding journey. The comfortable and efficient to use double pump means milk supply can be maintained when direct breastfeeding is not possible – maybe because baby is in the NICU or you’re planning on going back to work!

Pumping with the hospital-grade Symphony means the breast milk has a higher energy content, which is very beneficial if baby was born prematurely. The Symphony was designed to be particularly gentle on extremely sensitive breast tissue and helps to alleviate symptoms of engorgement and mastitis. Easy to use and super-quiet, baby can sleep right through as you pump your liquid gold to feed them!

We asked our fantastic Medela Mums community exactly why and how the Symphony helped them with their breastfeeding journey, and were so touched by their responses…

Laura on Instagram – “I used the Symphony while my little one was in NICU after she was born at 28 weeks. It got me off to the best start on my expressing and then breastfeeding journey once she was home!”

Sam on Instagram – “If it wasn’t for the Symphony in hospital, I wouldn’t have been able to go on and breastfeed once my little boy was well enough.”

Pinar on Instagram – “After giving birth we discovered my daughter had a tongue tie, and due to the pandemic there were delays in getting this fixed. My midwife suggested using the Symphony to build up my supply whilst we waited for my daughter’s procedure. I quickly built up an excellent stash, it was so reliable and quick and easy to use, and so, when we found out my daughter was still having trouble feeding directly from my breast, we continued to hire the Symphony. I’m now 6 months into exclusively pumping, and this pump has saved my breastfeeding journey!”

Leah on Instagram – “The Symphony was so easy to pull around the NICU and allowed me to pump right next to my baby’s incubator at any time of day!”

Flor on Instagram – “My baby has a cleft palate and wouldn’t have had breast milk at all if it wasn’t for the Symphony.”

Victoria on Instagram – “The Symphony allowed me to breastfeed after my son was tube-fed in the NICU for 6 weeks.”

We’re so thrilled to hear that the Symphony has directly benefited so many of our fantastic Medela mum’s community – you can find out more information on renting the Symphony here. For as little as £1.50 a day, mums can get the benefits of using this powerful pump at home, with next working day delivery for orders placed before 3pm Monday-Friday. The Symphony rental set also includes Medela’s signature PersonalFit PLUS pump set, to enable mums to use the Symphony as quickly and efficiently as possible!

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