The Symphony Double Electric Breast Pump: Mum’s Number One Choice for Expressing

We’re so proud that the Symphony, our most powerful and efficient double electric breast pump, has supported thousands of women worldwide with their expressing journeys. Whether they are feeding multiples, premature babies, returning to work early, or exclusively expressing, our Medela Mums community has shared their stories of exactly how the Symphony hospital grade pump has helped them with their breastfeeding journey.

The Symphony got me started!

Sabrina shares her story of using the Symphony while her son was in and out of hospital.

“I first used the Symphony when I was in hospital with my son for four days after he was born. I was trying to get my milk to come in and get used to pumping, as my baby was too unwell to breastfeed. He was placed in a UV incubator because he was so jaundiced after birth. I was given the Symphony by the maternity unit and a breastfeeding coordinator visited me every couple of days to check our progress. I breastfed my son every 90 minutes or I pumped if he was still asleep. Sometimes I fed him on one side and pumped the other – it was an exhausting time but the ease of the pump made it better. It was easy to understand and to clean all the accessories too. It helped us through the jaundice, food allergy diagnosis and testing as well as other illnesses. We are still exclusively breastfeeding now at 21 months of age – breastfeeding is amazing!

 Pumping for a poorly baby

Cerilyn’s breastfeeding journey had a bumpy beginning, but thanks to the Symphony she was able to express for her daughter.

Having had our nursing journey cut short because of hospital admissions, I was desperate to continue my baby breastmilk. We had many challenges early on, including jaundice, laryngomalacia and allergies which meant nursing was difficult and stressful for the both of us. But, here we are now 8 months in, and still going strong! Thanks to our rented Symphony protecting my supply, my daughter has had only breastmilk!”.

The Symphony saved my breastfeeding journey!

Ruth was very eager to breastfeed, but after her daughter struggled to latch, an extended hospital stay led to the Symphony!

I always knew I wanted to breastfeed my baby, but that as long as my baby was fed, I’d be happy. When Lydia arrived in April 2019, it took her a bit of time to get used to breastfeeding – she apparently hadn’t got around to reading any of the guidebooks! I had a number of friends who had experienced challenges when trying to breastfeed so when I was in hospital, I was determined not to leave until successful feeding had been established!

By Day Two, it became apparent that she was struggling to latch, and as she has dropped 12% of her birth weight, we had to stay in hospital a little while longer. I remember being so upset that feeding – the one thing that my breasts had been designed to do – wasn’t happening as easily as I’d hoped. I asked if I could try expressing milk to give Lydia, whilst also continuing to try breastfeeding. The midwife helped me understand a feeding routine which incorporated breastfeeding and expressing, and my combi-feeding journey began.

I was introduced to the Symphony, and as colostrum, then milk started to flow, we were able to top up Lydia’s breastfeeding with my expressed milk and she thankfully started to put weight back on. When we left hospital on Day Five, we were fortunate enough to borrow the Symphony for two weeks. My husband left the hospital carrying his daughter in one hand, and the pump in the other!

Those first two weeks at home were accompanied by the soundtrack of the mechanical whirring of the pump, and within a few days, Lydia had grown more and more. Sharing feeding with my husband was a special way to include him in those early days, when often Daddies can feel a bit redundant! I continued pumping to combi-feed, even after returning the Symphony, I used a Swing.

Ultimately, pumping saved my breastfeeding journey, and helped me continue to grow my gorgeous girl – thank you Medela!

Symphony in NICU

Natalie’s little girl had to spend a week in NICU, and the Symphony kept her supply up until she could breastfeed.

My daughter was born with pneumonia and spent the first week of her life in NICU. I used the Symphony on the ward and the NICU staff added tiny amount of my colostrum to her feed for me. As I couldn’t hand-express, I even used the pump whilst I was hooked up having a blood transfusion! I wasn’t able to breastfeed her until Day 3 so the pump helped to keep my supply going and built it up for her. The pump saved our breastfeeding journey and we got to 18 months exclusively breastfeeding in the end!

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