Thank you Medela Mums!

As Christmas quickly approaches and the end of 2015 draws near, we would like to take the opportunity to say a huge thank you to our wonderful Medela Mums.

This year saw the beginning of our 'I'm a Medela Mum' project. We recruited 13 mummy bloggers across the UK to share their breastfeeding experience.
Thank you Medela Mums!

Thanks to the ground-breaking research undertaken by Dr Jacqueline Kent, we know that there is no normal when it comes to breastfeeding. No two experiences are the same, every mum and baby have a unique journey and we wanted to show this by sharing mums' real stories. Our fantastic team of bloggers have shared with us their breastfeeding journeys from the very beginning with their hopes and fears for breastfeeding in pregnancy through to the early days and weeks, advice they have found helpful and their breastfeeding essentials and top tips.

A huge thank you to Lee Lee Loves, A Slice of My Life Wales, Belle Du Brighton, Toby and Roo, Side Street Style, The Travel Hack, The Blue Rinse, Family Fever, Make Do and Push, Dear Beautiful, Tiger Lily Quinn, The Black Pearl and Adventures with Isla.

Please do visit our Medela Mums blogs, they have some fantastic posts on breastfeeding which we are sure will prove helpful for many mums-to-be. For now, here’s just a small selection for you to read...

Fritha, author of the blog, Tiger Lily Quinn shared her hopes and fears for breastfeeding with her second baby including some expert advice from our lactation consultant, Sioned...

I have mixed feelings about how breastfeeding will go this time round. I want to prepare myself for it to be tough so I'm not so shocked again but at the same time I want to feel positive about it not going badly. I feel better this time round knowing that even if it is hard there are things I can do to ensure I don't suffer for as long as I did first time round.”  Read the full post here.

Sandra, author of The Black Pearl has published a post on the early days of breastfeeding with new baby daughter, Mia and shared some of her own advice…

Don't be scared or discouraged by horror stories. Everyone's experience is different. Remember that most mums can breastfeed exclusively and have a good supply.  For all you know, it could be amazing from the beginning, with no problems at all.”  Read the full post here.

Kate, author of the blog, Family Fever has reviewed her Medela breast pumps and offered some advice on choosing the right breast pump for you…

Over the years I have come to love the Medela brand. When my first was in neonatal care, I used a Medela pump to express milk for her, and again with my second. It was so much more efficient than hand expressing, and a manual pump at home yielded hardly anything, so an electric pump would always be my first choice.”  Read the full post here.

We will be continuing this project in the new year and have already got some lovely mums on board including Gas and Air, Write Like No Ones Watching, Mumbalance, Pearls and Poodles and Lamb and Bear. If you write a blog and would be interested in becoming a Medela Mum please send an email to our PR team on