Thank You Mum | Your Messages of Love to Your Mum this Mother’s Day

With Mother’s Day coming up this Sunday, we asked our wonderful community of mums and dads on social media for their ‘thank you Mum’ messages. Those notes of thanks that they wanted to say to their mums now that they had become parents themselves – what would you like to say to your mum this Mother’s Day?

This Sunday is Mother’s Day, a day to celebrate all the things that your mum does for you. It’s the perfect opportunity to say, ‘thank you mum’, whether that be with a card, flowers and chocolates, or by cooking her a nice meal!

We asked our wonderful community of mums and dads on our social media for their thank you messages to their mums, and we received so many lovely comments that we wanted to share them here. So, here’s to all the wonderful mums this Sunday, put your feet up, and enjoy a well-deserved day off!

Chan Hale

“Thank you Mum, you have been my biggest believer ever since I was younger. From being diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, to becoming a mama myself, you’ve always believed in me and always given everything you had for me! You helped me become the best mama I can be <3”

Amy Ollett

“You worked so hard when we were all little to keep us all safe, and sacrificed so much taking care of us. You still do it now at the drop of a hat! Thank you for supporting me through the hardest time of my life – you got me through the grief of losing my fiancée and put everything into looking after my own daughter <3”


“Becoming a new mother has made me realise what’s important in my life. Having a baby who is solely reliant on me has made me look at myself and realise my strength and capability as a person, and changing your whole being for one little person really is something that is out of your control – you told me this would happen.

I wouldn’t change it for the world, thank you Mum because you made me ready for this and I’ve learnt from you. When I hold my baby, feel her breathing, hear her little voice and look at her and realise that she’s a little version of me, I know you did this for me too when I was little.

The super scary responsibility of motherhood is yet so magical at the same time, through all the hardship and struggles I’ve been through since becoming a mum you’ve been there – so thank you Mum x”

Jenna Simpson

“I just wanted to say how amazing my Mum is. After being told I was never going to be able to give her any grandchildren, I had my miracle Amarii on the 19th December 2019. My Mum was amazing, she was my rock throughout – she came to every appointment, even used to come over at 2am to look after us both.

She is the most amazing woman I’ve ever known. After we lost my Nan the year before, we never thought we would be the three musketeers again, and although we can never replace my Nan, we got our fourth musketeer, my little Amarii! The above picture is of the three of us after Amarii was delivered by emergency c-section after a traumatic labour. I want to say a massive thank you to my Mum, I couldn’t have done it without you – I love you so much.”

Kim Gibbs

“Well, where do I start with this lady?! My best friend, my Mum, my angel. You are amazing and I love you with all my heart, thank you so much for what you are doing helping to bring my two boys up – you’re a superstar”

Jennifer Lamb

“You are the most amazing Mum in the whole world. You have been there for us all since the day we were born. You have struggled with health, but you have never forgotten your family and you and Dad will always be loved by us all”

Kelly Bailey

My Mum goes above and beyond for my babies, hearing her and seeing her playing with them melts my heart! I now understand the world of parenting and why patience is so important. We all love your stories and love you so much”.

Megan Louise

“I’ve got no idea where to start. My Mum was always both Mum and Dad from Day One, supported me through every decision, even the wrong ones! You helped me through a very difficult pregnancy and was my amazing birth partner. You are my Mum, but to me you’re my very best friend – you are the best Grandma to my daughter, you helped me become the mother I am today, and I am proud. Thanks for being you, Mum <3.”

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