The Big Breastfeeding Café 2020: Public Cafes Share Why They Want to Offer Support for New Mums

Last year’s Big Breastfeeding Café saw over 40 public cafes come together in support for new mums, celebrating breastfeeding whilst offering a friendly space for women to breastfeed in. We asked a selection that took part why they wanted to get involved and what it meant to them to be part of the nationwide event. Who knows who it may even inspire to sign up this year!

The Big Breastfeeding Café is back for 2020 on Wednesday 6th May and we would love for you to get involved! The event really is a fantastic way to support new mums starting out on their breastfeeding journey, not forgetting how it brings breastfeeding families together across the country! If you work in or run a café in your town, or even if you wanted to host an event in a local community centre, we’d love for you to join the fun in 2020!

We asked our lovely public cafes from 2019 for their thoughts on why they wanted to get involved, and why you should too!

Laura Baile, who hosted in a branch of Costa Coffee in Alnwick, Northumberland

“I offered to host as I am a trained breastfeeding peer supporter for the NHS – Costa Coffee is also a nationally known breastfeeding friendly environment. I feel very passionate about breastfeeding and would like to help spread awareness as much as possible.”

Laura from Selah Café & Tea Rooms, who hosted in Cardiff

 “Being a mother-daughter team, we are proud to provide a safe space for breastfeeding mums. It’s amazing the amount of stigma and body shaming that is still embedded in society today, in response to what is the most natural of choices a mum can make. My mother had to fight to breastfeed me whilst I was in the intensive care as a baby with neonatal jaundice.  As an all-female team, mothers and a family we find this example of female determination inspiring and hope in our small way we can encourage other mums to try breastfeeding.”

Georgie from Boo Boo Harborne which took park in Birmingham

 “At Boo Boo we are always looking for new ways to support our community and bring people together. The Big Breastfeeding Cafe is a great way of bringing mums together and we are excited to be a part of it”.

Sophie who hosted in Artisan Café, Shoreham by the Sea

“I hosted the Big Breastfeeding Cafe because I was a Breastfeeding Mom and knew others, plus formula feeding Mom's too. We'd all had different journeys and I wanted to help celebrate all of our achievements, plus be able to facilitate pregnant Mom's questions. We had a couple attend the session I organised, plus a Dad too! 

It's so important to run events like this and to be able to advertise Breastfeeding Friendly cafes!”

If you  would like to get involved with this year’s Big Breastfeeding Café, please email