Tips for Breastfeeding

Our wonderful community of mums never fail to amaze us on social media. They are a fantastic resource and always provide such helpful, personal and reassuring words of advice to each other and new mums visiting the page.
Breastfeeding baby

We always provide expert advice from our lovely Lactation Consultant across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram which is always well received. However, top tips for breastfeeding from mums often prove to be just as valuable, comforting and supportive. During last month’s breastfeeding cafe we spotted some fabulous tips that we just couldn’t help but share…

Get Measured for a Maternity/Nursing Bra Regularly
My tip is to get measured for a bra regularly throughout breastfeeding. I’m still feeding my 23 month old on demand and since she was born I must have changed bra size at least 3 times. Even though she still feeds quite often my big breasts that bloomed post birth are a thing of the past.” – Jodie

Follow Your Instincts
“Don’t let others influence your decision. With both my children I got told to just give them a bottle of formula that will encourage them to sleep. I didn’t take heed and persevered even through the hard times. But no matter how you feed your child, you’re doing a fantastic job at being a mam.” – Annmarie

Power Through
“Really try and get through the first 6 weeks as this is toughest part I felt. You’re recovering post birth and getting used to the physical aspect of feeding but also the understanding between you and your baby. Also, accept that some days you’ll do nothing but feed and that’s totally fine… Just make sure you have a drink, snacks and the TV remote to hand!” – Heather

Believe in Yourself
“Top tip is even when it is tough, believe in yourself and know it will get better.” – Jemma

Cherish Breastfeeding
“Breastfeeding is so much more than food. Its love, it’s cuddles, it’s bonding, it’s skin to skin, it’s responding to your baby, it’s security. It’s the loveliest feeling having that one on one time with my lil man, but even when we’re all together as a family, Sunday morning, all in bed, bubs on boob, brother in bed, dad snoring away, it’s one of the toughest things to do, but such a blessing to be able to do. – Priya

Every Baby is Different
“For first time mums: One thing I’ve learnt is to never take the 2 hour/3 hour rule as gospel in the early days, it’s all about babies demand with breastfeeding. Some days bubba will go 2.5 hours nicely each time, and some days you’ll feel like they just want to hang off your bosom 24/7! Every baby, and every day, is different! It’s not easy, but it’s hugely rewarding.” – Rachel