Top Tips for the Celebrating the Festive Period with a Newborn Baby

It’s so exciting to celebrate the festive period, however if you have a newborn baby, planning for Christmas can be a little daunting. Read our top tips for making the most of the season with a new arrival!


Christmas is a time for celebration and enjoying spending time with family and friends, it’s made even more magical if you have a new arrival joining you for the festivities this year!

Check out or top tips below for enjoying Christmas whilst balancing your new journey into parenthood…

1. If you are breastfeeding, you may find pumping in advance can support you when attending Christmas parties and events. The Medela Swing Flex is efficient and comfortable, allowing you to express quickly and easily. Read some more great advice for how to store breast milk here.

2. Take help when it is offered! If grandparents or friends offer to watch the baby for a little while so you can get some Christmas shopping done, take them up on their offer! Not only is it a break for you, but it allows for family members to bond with the baby.

3. Don’t go crazy on presents for baby’s first Christmas. It can be tempting to go all out and get your little one lots of gifts, but remember, the most important thing they need is you – avoid unnecessary stress worrying about shopping this December. 

4. Prep what you can! Even if you’re just having a small family Christmas at home, the list of jobs to prepare for Christmas Day can feel endless! Work together with your partner or a family member do complete things in advance such as wrapping presents as soon as you’ve bought them. All these little things add up to take the strain off you in the Christmas Eve rush!

5. Remember to enjoy yourself! Your baby will only have their first Christmas once, so take time to soak up the atmosphere and have a break!

 If you have any further suggestions for tips to help new parents get through the Christmas period, why not share your thoughts on our Facebook and Instagram pages? We’d love to hear your ideas!