How You can be a Breastfeeding Helper! Partner Support Tips from Adam - At Dad’s Table

It’s common for partners to feel a bit redundant when it comes to breastfeeding, but as part of the Virtual Big Breastfeeding Café, Adam from At Dad’s Table has shared his tips on how you can be a great breastfeeding helper and feel involved in breastfeeding through helping mum with nutritious meals.

Adam from At Dad’s Table shared his tips on how to be a great breastfeeding helper as a partner as part of the Virtual Big Breastfeeding Cafe, you can watch his thoughts here. We have pulled together Adam’s 3 top tips on how you can support mum with meals and one-handed snacks!


  1. Prepare!

Breastfeeding really is all consuming, so whilst your partner is feeding your little one, you will have to pick up everything else, so anything you can do before baby arrives is a great idea.


Batch cooking for the freezer is a fab idea and will stop you relying on expensive takeaways during the initial days with a newborn. Breastfeeding is like running a marathon, you need to think about the kinds of fuel your partner will need to sustain her. Anything with carbs, protein and calcium is great, so make big batches of spag bol, chilli, risotto and chuck it in the freezer so it’s there when you need it. Food can be kept for up to 3 months in the freezer, so great for those first months with a new bubba.

  1. Think one-handed!

Adam shared that his first born had to be held for three months solid after he was born, so his wife had to eat everything one-handed. Challenge yourself – what can you eat one handed? Sticky food is great, like risotto, mac and cheese and pizza (in case you needed an excuse to eat more!).

  1. How you can help when you’re not around.

Returning to work can be hard for a partner, leaving behind your other half and little one, but you can do simple things to help your partner at home all day. Leave the breakfast stuff out on your way to work, even just putting the cereal in the bowl will be a help once mama’s hands are full!

You could put a load of smoothie ingredients ready in the blender so all she has to do is turn it on, or even pack her a lunch the night before – just like going back to school!

Although it might not be top of your list to think about when it comes to preparing for a new baby, having your food sorted really will make all the difference in those first precious months with a new baby.

Thanks so much to Adam for sharing his expert advice as part of the virtual Big Breastfeeding Café. You can catch up on the other fab speakers from the day on our Facebook page.