Summer is Here! - Top Tips for Travelling with an Infant

The sun’s out and we are ready for our summer holidays! However, we know as a parent it can seem there are many things to worry about when travelling with an infant, so we’ve shared our top tips for making your journey as stress free as possible! Now, where’s that ice cream?!

Top Tips for Travelling with an Infant

Whether you’re going by car, boat, train or plane, travelling with an infant can be pretty full on! We’ve put together some top tips to make sure you are well prepared for every eventuality whilst travelling!

1. If you’re planning on flying, it’s important to check that baby is old enough to fly. Generally, airlines will let your little one fly from when they are 2 days old, however this does vary between airlines, so do make sure you check!

2. It can be an easy thing to forget, but baby needs their own passport for any foreign travel! It can take a little while for this to be sorted, so try and do this a few months before you travel. Luckily, the rules that apply for adult’s passport photos don’t apply for babies, so don’t worry about trying to get them to maintain a straight face! Plus, if your baby is under a year old, he doesn’t even have to have their eyes open, so try to take it when he’s asleep!

3. Medical insurance is also a very important thing to make sure you have organised before you go away. Finding out where the nearest hospital/medical centre is to where you are staying is also a good idea so that if the worst were to happen, and your baby needed medical help, you would know where to go!

4. If you’re planning on expressing breastmilk to take on holiday, check with the airport about the liquid carrying restrictions. From UK airports, you can take up to 2000ml of breast milk in hand luggage, although it may still need to be screened at security, and airport staff might need to open the containers to screen the liquids. Our breastmilk storage bottles are a great option for taking expressed breastmilk away with you as they come in two different sizes.

5. Breastfeeding is a fantastic way to feed your baby whilst you are travelling as you can feed whenever, wherever! However, if you are flying, it’s worth asking if you can sit next to an empty seat (if there is one available) so that you can spread out a bit more and make the space more comfortable for you and baby.

6. Pumping on a flight is also a good idea for ensuring your milk supply is kept regular. The Harmony Breast Pump is a great option for travelling as it doesn’t require batteries and is lightweight.

Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump

7. Most airlines offer priority boarding for families with young children, and if this is offered to you, make sure you take it! Getting on the plane before everyone else gives you time to get settled and organise your belongings before the mad crush!

8. Changes in cabin pressure can bother baby’s ears and upset them, so if you breastfeed during take-off and landing, the sucking motion can help ease the pressure change and alleviate the discomfort for baby.

9. If you are driving to your holiday destination, allow enough time to stop and feed your baby on the road. Make sure you factor in time to stop and stretch your legs when it is time for a feed.

infant walking on the beach

10. Taking a breast pump on holiday is a fantastic idea as it means other people can feed baby expressed milk whilst you are with friends and family. One thing to bear in mind is that if you are planning to express milk, you might want to check that your accommodation has a fridge for you to store it. Breastmilk storage bags are a great way to keep your milk organised and easy-to-reach in the fridge. Make sure you always follow breast milk storage guidelines when storing your milk in a new environment.

Wherever you’re off to, we hope our tips can help you to have a restful holiday with your little one! Be sure to share your breastfeeding snaps with us on our Facebook here.