TV Box Sets to Watch Whilst You’re Breastfeeding

Late nights and early mornings, breastfeeding your new bundle of joy will have you up all hours! So, how do you fill the time whilst you try and keep your restless eyes open?! Thankfully, today, we have access to so many TV box sets at the press of a button, you can easily dip in and out of your favourite shows during the 3am feed! Here are our top 5 easy watches you should check out…

Friends – Available on Netflix

Friends image

The much loved, classic sitcom has been the main topic of conversation once again since it’s been available on Netflix. Yes, all 10 seasons are now ready to binge watch right from the very beginning! From every twist and turn in Ross and Rachel’s relationship (they were on a break if you hadn’t heard) to every one of Joey’s cheesy catch up lines, you can now relive it all!

Master of None - Available on Netflix

Master of None Image

This delightful yet hilarious series follows struggling actor Dev Shah through his relationships, friendships and career. Although it is an engaging easy watch, it tackles issues such as race, sexuality, disability and the everyday struggles of trying to achieve your goals. Laced throughout with Aziz Ansari’s sharp wit and humour, we aren’t surprised it won a Golden Globe. This uplifting show is definitely worth a watch in times of great tiredness!

Detectorists- Available on BBC iPlayer Box Sets

Detectorists Image

Starring, written and directed by Mackenzie Crook, this BBC series will whisk you away to the tranquillity of the British country side. Lance and Andy try desperately to find treasure in a quaint village, whilst facing many conflicts along the way. An easy watch that will have you chuckling from start to finish, who would have thought a program based around metal detectors could be so interesting?

Parks and Recreation – Available on Amazon Prime

Parks and Recreation Image

Have you ever wondered where the infamous ‘treat yo self!’ line originated? Parks and Recreation is full of hysterical and heart-warming storylines you will adore! This upbeat show centres around Lesley Knope and her friends as they work for their local Parks Department, trying to make their home town of Pawnee a better place. There isn’t one character in Parks and Rec that you won’t fall in love with! A complete pick-me-up for tired mummas!

New Girl – Available on 4od

New Girl

Perhaps the modern-day ‘Friends’, New Girl is a fun show based around a group of friends who all share an apartment, sound familiar?! Jess (played by Zoe Deschanel) moves in with 3 guys, who quickly become her best friends. Filled with loveable characters and amusing storylines, New Girl is the perfect accompaniment to a night feed!

What have you been watching whilst breastfeeding? Let us know if you have any recommendations!