Weaning Baby and Breastfeeding

Today’s Mum’s question focuses on breastfeeding and weaning, how to encourage little one to eat while still feeding them your all-important breastmilk.



I'm trying to wean my 6-month-old but he cries after a couple of spoonfuls as he wants to breastfeed. Even if I feed him before and then try some food. He seems to have no interest in anything but the boob how do I go about this?



Every baby is different and it sounds as though your little one may not be quite ready yet. The average age of introducing solids is six months but as we know, all children are different. It can take a few weeks for babies to get used to solids, it is totally new for them.

Firstly, I’d recommend trying a few days off weaning, then begin by feeding him, followed by just a couple of spoons of food. This will encourage those first tastes without overwhelming him.

You could also consider baby led weaning as this enables baby to explore foods through taste and texture. It can be messy which isn’t ideal for mum and dad but it means he is having fun and learning! Some steamed carrots, parsnips and broccoli can be good finger foods to introduce, while baby yoghurt, pasta and porridge enable baby to dip their fingers in and taste a variety of foods which they may not have done before. 

Ultimately, he needs to enjoy weaning and so do you, it is important to keep it fun and positive so just take your time, continue to breastfeed baby and together you will both learn and adapt.