Happy Father’s Day! What did your partner do to support breastfeeding?

With Father’s Day on 16th June, what better time to celebrate your baby’s dad and the help they have given you to support breastfeeding? We asked you to share your stories of paternal support on Facebook and we were so touched by some of the responses! Here are some of our favourites!

Even though dad’s can’t physically breastfeed, we think it’s so important to recognise their part in this magical journey. With Father’s Day coming up, we wanted to acknowledge all the work dads do to support breastfeeding, and asked you to share your stories with us on Facebook. We were overwhelmed with the lovely stories we had, and wanted to share some of the best ones with you below!

Donna Bale said: “My partner used to bring snacks when I was stuck cluster feeding!”

Sarah Lewis remembers the help from her husband at the start of her breastfeeding story, saying: “My husband is a total rock and got me through a tough first few weeks when everything hurt and I got mastitis. Even now, eight months in, he’s still bringing me hot drinks, burping our son and doing all he can to support us on this little journey.”

Mashxoxo on Instagram said: “My fiancée is my cheerleader. I guess I see it as I am the right breast and he’s the left! He’s the reason I believed in myself enough to try that first food. We are now 13 weeks in, and going strong. Without him guiding our latch in the early days, I wouldn’t have trusted I was doing it right as our boy had tongue tie and so I doubted myself so much because of the pain I was feeling. Without him, I’d struggle to have a hot evening meal. Without him I’d sometimes have to go without a shower. Without him I wouldn’t have the constant support. He keeps me hydrated, sane and always passes me the remote when he leaves the room. He understands the strength it takes to feed, how time consuming it can be, but most of all, he understands what is best of our son.”

Fathers Day collage 2019

Clockwise from main, Sarah Lewis, mashxoxo on Instagram, Sophie Leanne Rose, Lyla Begum, Donna Bale

Lyla Begum on Instagram said: “Mathew has helped me to breastfeed and pump for two children, my first was a NICU baby and from Day 4 of my son’s life he helped me to pump, helped me eat and drink enough, woke up in the night with hot drinks, snacks and my pump all ready for me. We pumped for 6 months alongside breastfeeding he went online to find me a good pump and looked for the best bags and bottles. He’s so sweet and will make sure I’ve eaten enough, go to the shop to get my favourite foods and makes it known that I am doing the best for my babies. He’s the only person that has supported me so much through it all, through the bad days and when people told me to stop breastfeeding he helped me with every single step, every problem and I couldn’t have done it without him. Happy Father’s Day from me, Xavier and Ezekiel”


Sophie Leanne Rose on Instagram said: “My partner Matt has been my biggest support since our daughter Melody arrived. She came at 35+1 weeks and was in the NICU for five days due to a difficult delivery. He would wheel me over, feed me, set up the Medela Symphony unit, wash things up, clothe me. He was my strength when I had none for myself. He cheered the loudest when my milk came in four days after birth. He cheered the loudest when she latched perfectly the first time. When we got home, he did EVERYTHING whilst I recovered and breastfed every hour. He is the reason I breastfed for so long as he kept me going even when I doubted myself. I don’t know what I’d do without him, makes me emotional just remembering everything.”

We loved celebrating Father’s Day with your fab stories – why not head over to our Facebook for more chances to share your breastfeeding story with us!