Why mums choose to express

Express yourself: Why mums choose to express.

Many women who choose to express do so for a variety of very personal reasons. We have spoken to 2 mums who chose to express and get the low down on all things breast pump related!


Becky’s story:

When my little boy was born, I was sure I would solely breastfeed him; however, after a couple of weeks I realised he was rapidly losing weight. After a trip to the doctors and numerous breastfeeding groups, I found out that Harry hadn’t latched properly and was not feeding well. I was so adamant that I wanted him to continue to solely have breastmilk, that I ended up using the Swing Maxi Double pump so that I could express and keep up with the feeds. It was tough going, and I was up all hours pumping, but I am so proud of what I achieved, and felt happy in the knowledge that he was getting the nutrients to thrive from me! He is now 7 months old, so has started eating solids, but he still enjoys my milk of course!

Emma’s story:

Like many mums, I went back to work after 4 months. My husband stayed at home to look after Sophia, and I wanted to continue to be able to provide food for her, even though I wasn’t there. That’s where the Swing Single electric pump was an absolute lifesaver! I expressed first thing in the morning and last thing at night to store up a bank of food for her, and although there were difficulties, I was happy to know that she was still getting her food from me. I am not joking when I say if any of my expressed milk was knocked over, I was literally crying over spilt milk!