Why Support for New Mums From Other Mums is so Important - Our Survey Results Say…

Following a recent survey of 1,500 mamas, we found that support from fellow mamas made all the difference as a new mum! The vast majority of the lovely mamas we surveyed agreed that mum-to-mum support had a positive effect on their breastfeeding experience… You go mamas!

As part of the virtual Big Breastfeeding Café, we wanted to learn more about the importance of mum-to-mum support and how catching up over a coffee and a cuppa can help create support for new mums. Although due to current times, these chin wags have to be virtual, it’s still reassuring to know that our mama community is as strong as ever!

“I’ve made a gorgeous mum friend since the start of lockdown, she’s had a tough few months but she’s doing an amazing job! Sharing our breastfeeding journeys together virtually has been amazing, and I can’t wait to meet her when lockdown is over!” – Maddie from Instagram

Over three quarters of the mums we spoke to said that taking with other mums helped their breastfeeding experience – sometimes picking up the phone and just sharing your worries or concerns, especially when you may not be able to talk to your midwife as normal, really can help to ease your mind!

“My friend Tori was my inspiration for breastfeeding, she had a difficult pregnancy and her son had a NICU stay. Despite this, Tori persisted with pumping, and is still proudly feeding him breastmilk as he nears his second birthday! She is amazing and helped me have faith with my own breastfeeding journey to breastfeed my daughter” – Samantha from Facebook

We’re all looking forward to a catch up and a cuddle with our babies when lockdown is over, and 83% of women had prolonged their breastfeeding experience down to support from fellow mamas – having those great friends there to reassure you with what to expect from breastfeeding really can make all the difference.

“My friend Gemma breastfed her beautiful, strong, sassy daughter for over 4 years. My own daughter is now 10 weeks old and Gemma has always been at the end of the phone when it comes to breastfeeding support and encouragement. I’m so lucky to have her rooting me on!” – Georgia from Facebook

We can’t wait to be able to bring our wonderful community of breastfeeding mamas together in person for the Big Breastfeeding Café, but until then our Facebook and Instagram pages are a fantastic place to chat all things breastfeeding – why not log in during a night feed and see who else is up?