World Breastfeeding Week: Medela Mums describe breastfeeding in one word

As World Breastfeeding Week takes place this week, we wanted to celebrate by asking our wonderful Medela mums what breastfeeding means to them in just one word.

How would you describe Breastfeeding in one word?

World Breastfeeding Week being celebrated around the world annually this week and we are so delighted to see the conversation about breastfeeding take centre stage!

Here at Medela, we are passionate about celebrating everything about breastfeeding. We understand with all of the precious moments, there are also many ups and downs. Whether it’s latching on, finding the right pump or dealing with sore boobs, our online community is here to support you.

World Breastfeeding Week is a chance for mums across the world to share their experiences and empower each other to reach their breastfeeding goals, whatever they might be.

We asked you on Facebook and Instagram to share one word to describe breastfeeding and we were overwhelmed with hundreds of wonderful comments, it was so great to see how breastfeeding can be such a life-changing process to go through!

What words does ‘breastfeeding’ spell out for you?

What words does ‘breastfeeding’ spell out for you

World Breastfeeding Week may only be here for a week, but we love hearing about your breastfeeding experiences all year round. Whether there’s sun in the sky or snow on the ground, you can always share your breastfeeding story with us.

If you would like to share your breastfeeding story please email