Zeruiah's Breastfeeding Experience

Mum, Zeruiah, has shared her experience of breastfeeding her little one. This includes details of Zeruiah’s first decision to breastfeed, the difficulties she faced getting the right latch and positioning, expressing breastmilk and also weaning off the breast. Sharing parents’ stories of breastfeeding and experiences is so important and enables all families to learn from each other, picking up advice and tips along the way. Thank you to lovely mum, Zeruiah!

Zeruiah's Breastfeeding Experience
Mum Zeruiah's Breastfeeding Story

"I always knew breastfeeding was something I wanted to do once I had a child; as I was very aware of the amazing health impacts it would have for my little one as well as myself. My husband is a health junkie so he was always reading up about the benefits of breastfeeding before we had Taliyah.

I think the one thing I wish I knew before starting my breastfeeding journey was the idea of supply and demand; the more I fed Taliyah the more milk I would produce. I honestly thought my body would just know to produce gallons of milk.

In my early days of breastfeeding our biggest hurdle was positioning, my baby girl was quite petite when born so finding the correct nursing position for her to latch on to the breast was proving difficult. I YouTubed a whole heap of positions and found the football hold was perfect for us. It allowed her to get a good deep latch. What I also didn't know was that even after baby started eating solids breastmilk was still a primary source of their diet! This meant that I would have to start breastfeeding when I was out etc as baby girl was at the stage of going out etc.

I started expressing breastmilk after about 2 months of my breastfeeding journey as a way to keep my breastmilk supply up if baby slept for more than a couple of hours. Also it helped if my boobs filled up a lot. I would use the expressed milk in the evenings so my husband could have that feeding bond with our daughter which he loved.

Initially I never had a plan about how long I would breastfeed for but I knew I was definitely going to hit the 6 months mark. Here we are 1 year and 2 weeks on, still breastfeeding and loving it. I decided that I would let babygirl self wean off nursing as opposed to cutting it off. With the support of my husband who always advised me to stay in tuned with my body and things will flow naturally and I have stuck to this and breastfeeding has been a good journey.

My favourite thing about breastfeeding is the fact that it's one of the most natural ways of feeding your baby. The bond that me and my daughter have is unbreakable and I love the fact that it comforts her a lot which warms my heart."

Thank you to mum, Zeruiah, author of the parenting blog, Smiles n Drool for sharing her breastfeeding experience. If you would like to share your breastfeeding story please email medelamums@gmail.com