Medela’s double pumping technology gives more to you and your baby. Developed with the 2-Phase Expression™ technology, Medela double pumps are designed to optimize milk removal, help express more milk in less time and have many other scientifically proven benefits.

  1. Halves the pumping time compared to single pumping each breast in turn
  2. Prompts an extra let down and yields 18% more milk on average**
  3. Yields milk with higher energy content because your breasts are drained more completely
  4. Flexible usage can be used as a single or double electric pump

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1. Halves the pumping time

Being a mom is the most exhausting, yet wonderful job you’ve probably ever had. There never seem to be enough hours in the day. By pumping from both breasts at the same time, you can half the time compared to pumping each breast in turn.**

2. Prompts an extra let down

Using a double pump has been shown to get the milk-releasing hormone oxytocin flowing, resulting in an additional let down reflex within the breast, this means that you can express up to 18% more milk in just one pumping session.**

3. Yields milk with higher energy content

When you double pump, your breast is better drained. As a result, the expressed milk has a higher fat content than what would be pumped in a single pumping session. Great to boost weight gain in your baby!

4. Flexible usage

A double pump can be used as a single when required. This gives you the best of both worlds; you can express from one breast and nurse your baby at the same time, or pump from both breasts and save the feed for later.

Discover the convenience of handsfree pumping

Our Medela handsfree pumping bustier or 3-in-1 pumping and nursing bra frees up your hands, giving you more flexibility and freedom to do other things whilst pumping.

Find the right double electric pump

Medela has two electric breast pumps for personal use. Compact and easy to use Swing Maxi™ with USB-chargeable battery and our smart Freestyle Flex™ pump that connects to the free MyMedela app and comes with useful extra features.

If you have a pre-term baby or need to initiate your milk supply in the early hours after birth, we recommend to use our hospital-grade double electric breast pump Symphony™ that is available in many hospitals and proven to effectively support timely initiation and long-term milk production.


* Consumer review from the Medela website

** Prime DK et al. Simultaneous breast expression in breastfeeding women is more efficacious than sequential breast expression. Breastfeed Med. 2012 Dec;7(6):442-447.