Careers at Medela

Medela always looks for employees with integrity, drive, experience, and the ability to have a positive impact. Medela is committed to investing in people and to furthering the company's reputation.

Careers at Medela

International culture and diversity

Diversity extends to the potential for ideas and innovation and is an important factor to improving Medela's competitiveness. As a truly global company, Medela is a working place of cultural and international diversity.

As a responsible employer, Medela promotes equal opportunities, regardless of nationality, gender, religion, age, life situation or disability. Medela also promotes a safe and healthy working environment without discrimination, harassment, or reprisals.

Together with its employees, Medela aims to sustain the company’s high values. Medela believes in the diversity of human beings – in commonalities that unify, as well as in diversities that complement one another. Medela engages in open dialogue and fosters mutual respect – at every level. At Medela, diversity management is applied in order to support a broad variety of employees and employee groups.

Talent management and education

Medela offers talented individuals around the world a challenging, diverse and supportive working environment in which passion, commitment and hard work are valued.

Medela's long-term success depends on the ability to inspire trust and achieve client satisfaction. It is therefore essential for Medela to attract, develop and retain qualified, responsible and motivated employees.

Medela offers interesting lines of work, a wide range of courses and trainings, degrees and diplomas, opportunities and mentoring for leaders as well as opportunities to develop capabilities through on-the-job challenges.

Medela supports the development of young professionals. In Switzerland, Medela offers a number of apprenticeships. Medela also focuses attention on the interests of all age groups and encourages the exchange of experiences and know-how between different generations.

Behavioural and leadership competencies

Medela's Leadership Competencies are a central element of its management philosophy. They define how the performance of employees and management personnel are measured and which individual skills they need to possess.

Medela encourages the constant dialogue between employees and managers, and promotes lifelong learning and the exchange of knowledge with mutual respect and trust.

Performance reviews are held on a regular basis between managers and employees where personal and binding goals are set. In this way the interests of both sides are combined, providing employees with incentives to achieve outstanding results and lay the foundation for Medela's corporate culture.

Life balance and family

People who enjoy a healthy life balance are not only more satisfied, they are also more motivated and productive. Medela fosters the life balance of its employees through flexible working conditions and thus helps them maintain a healthy balance between their professional and their private life.

Medela develops international short- and long term exchanges to further individuals' careers.

At Medela, a wide range of amenities are offered based on local regulations which differ from country to country.


Great Place To Work 2017

We recognise that our culture here is very positive; our staff are empowered and trusted to work autonomously. Thanks to our supportive approach everyone is encouraged to have the drive to succeed and be self-motivated.  We are confident that Medela UK is a great place to work and our objective in taking part in the programme was to demonstrate what we believe to be true, that this is truly a “great place to work”.

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Investors in People

Investors in people accredited until 2022

Organisations that meet the world-recognised Investors in People Standard reflect the very best in people management excellence. Underpinning the Standard is the Investors in People Framework.

Based on over 25 years of leading practice, the latest research and workplace trends, the Investors in People Framework is organised around nine key indicators of high performance each with three underpinning themes.

To achieve accreditation, organisations are assessed against these themes and indicators.

Based on the nine key indicators we are delighted that we have achieved the Standard 3-year accreditation, that aligns ambition and our people.

Medela is committed to looking after their people, engaging them and building trust.